Elect Angie for Washington State Senate LD10

Angie_waive.jpgWashington State has been my primary residence for over 30 years. My Bachelor of Science in Architecture was earned at Washington State University. Student loans and hard work enabled my higher education. Before becoming an architect I worked as a laborer, machinist, and carpenter.  Those experiences provided me with a deep appreciation for vocational training.  In 1997 our family moved to Oak Harbor where my husband, a U.S. Naval aviator, served as a Select Reservist at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. We raised our two children on scenic Whidbey Island where they attended public schools and are now attending college.

I first ran for public office when I discovered a misappropriation of public funds.  This opened the door to involvement at city, county and state government. What I witnessed changed my life. I formed a grass roots non-profit group to advocate for accountable government, a sound economy, and responsible growth.  I became a county commissioner because I recognized how important today’s decisions are for tomorrow’s generations.  As your State Senator I will continue to serve under this guiding principle.

The facts are black and white in the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission's campaign finance records. My opponent Barbara Bailey has become increasingly influenced by lobbyists and special interest PAC’s that have directly contributed over $730,000 to her campaigns since she was elected in 2004 and spent an additional $285,000 independently in support of her campaigns – a total of over $1 million.

As your Senator, I pledge to restore accountability when it comes to your tax dollars and to ensure the residents of Island, Skagit, and Snohomish Counties get their fair share in services from our State Government. That includes closing loopholes and tax breaks extended to special interest entities that no longer serve their intended purpose of creating jobs, and that shift costs onto Washington’s hard working individuals and families. 

It’s time to elect a leader who will implement polices that provide students with the tools they need to succeed, promote living wage jobs, work honestly at fulfilling promises made to Tribal Nations, ensure better mental health and veteran services for those in need, and plan wisely for population growth while protecting natural resources for future generations.

I am asking for your vote to place me in 10th Legislative District senate seat. I will be your voice in Olympia. I will work for you, the people.



Angie Homola

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